Leadership in Advocacy

Joe A. Gonsalves & Son has over 50 years of legislative experience successfully representing clients before the California State Legislature and California State Departments. Everyday we are committed to our clients’ interests and we strive to help move them toward their goals and provide personal, professional representation in an honest, legal, and ethical manner.

We turn opportunities into results, ideas into realities and expertise into success for our clients.

Anthony Gonsalves

Anthony D. Gonsalves joined his Fathers lobbying firm in 1977. Anthony started his career working for the California State Senate. The political process in Sacramento is truly complex, with over four decades of experience, Anthony has had the opportunity to master such complexities. Anthony is widely recognized as one of Sacramento’s longest tenured and successful lobbyists. Anthony and his wife Evelyn Gonsalves have been married for over 40 years. They have 4 grown sons and 8 grandchildren.

Anthony is a brilliant, never-give-up kind of lobbyist. He thinks of every angle.  Most lobbyists will slow down at some point; not Anthony. He wont slow down until the job is done.  The desire to win for our clients is paramount in his mind.   Joe A. Gonsalves, A Capitol Life.

Jason Gonsalves

Jason A. Gonsalves joined the firm in 1998. This gave Joe A. Gonsalves & Son the proud distinction of being the first California lobbying firm to have 3 generations lobbying in Sacramento. The firm held this distinction until Joe A. Gonsalves passed away on July 7, 2000.

Jason continues to represent our clients before the Legislature and various state agencies in the areas of; local government finance, utilities and commerce, public employees retirement, workers compensation, telecommunications, and conflict of interest issues. Jason lives in Folsom with his wife Tracy Gonsalves, daughter Taylor and son Joe.

Paul Gonsalves

Paul A. Gonsalves joined the firm in 2004. Paul started his career working at the State Capitol for Assembly Member Rudy Bermudez. Paul earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in Public Administration from San Diego State University.

Paul lives in Loomis with his wife Jamie Gonsalves, and two sons Parker and Peyton.


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