AB 1250 – Contracting out legislation amended to remove cities

As we previously reported late last Thursday (please see attached memo), Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer has agreed to remove cities from AB 1250 entirely.  This is a significant victory for cities and one that was the result of several weeks of tireless advocacy in Sacramento and in the Assemblymember’s districts.

While the bill was not put up for a vote prior to agreeing to remove cities, our unofficial “lobbying” roll call had the bill significantly lacking the 41 votes necessary for passage (we had the bill at < 25 aye votes).  Recognizing the intensity surrounding the bill, we thought we should re-send the attached memo as well as a memo that the Assembly Democratic leadership requested we submit prior to the bill being taken up late Thursday evening.  We delivered the memo to the Capitol, removing our opposition, they made 80 copies in the Speaker’s office, and the bill passed out of the Assembly just after 8 pm last Thursday.

Again, this is a significant victory that would not have happened without your support, our coalition partners, the League of California Cities and the California Contract Cities Association.



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